St. Mary's v Fettes (U11B)

Wednesday 7th December
4 - 2

Archie J
Ed (C)
Alex Ma
Ollie L

Scorers: F. Kulow 3
                F. Brownlie

The game kicked off with some great attacking and defensive displays from both sides. Neither team could seem to break the deadlock with a few metres gained here and there and no major advances within the opening minutes. With space out wide then it was a case of which team could exploit it first.
St. Mary’s, with the experience of a few older boys then seemed to find their rhythm and with a couple of great carries from the Brownlie brothers, it put the boys on the front foot and gave them a great attacking platform. Some excellent distribution from Callum at 9 allowed the backline to get the ball out to the width, however the attack was thwarted through some excellent cover tackling coming in from Fettes. With some great footwork and handling coming from Ollie, it sent Frederick (with some good footwork of his own) over for the first score of the game.

In the lead and with confidence building, St. Mary’s managed to really start linking well with each other and had some great flowing phases of play with everyone getting involved from Jake at prop, with some of the best skills I have seen from him this season, to Alex out on the wing, who, when things got scrappy managed to set up the rucks and secure ball. Some of the passages of play were a pleasure to watch and could only lead inevitably, to one thing. After continued pressure on the Fettes line, it was Finlay who managed, with some great finishing skills to get the second score of the game. This was then how the half ended, with St. Mary’s leading 2-0.

The second half, started off with some very powerful runs from the Fettes boys. These were only stopped by the dogged determination of Ed, throwing himself into each tackle and taking them down, in what was a superb defensive display from him all game. Without as much possession as they would have liked, St. Mary’s had to defend a lot more in the second half and were lucky not to concede many points. This was due to some very good cover tackles from Ollie and Frederick as well as Alex using the touchline as another defender very effectively. As good as the defensive display was from each individual in the team, the Fettes boys on the whole were quite a lot bigger and as a result after sustained pressure on the St. Mary’s line they scored two very good tries.

This was not to dampen the St. Mary’s spirits and with some great interlinking play from Callum and George, it sent Frederick into space up the touchline and in for his second score of the game. It seemed as soon as the whistle had been blown to restart then St. Marys were back into the Fettes half and pressuring them once more. Bit by bit they slowly made their way up the pitch, and all it took was one missed tackle from Fettes and with his pace Frederick got his third and final try. This was then how the game finished, 4-2, in St. Mary’s favour.

It was a great game to watch and be a part of, and the boys put a huge amount of effort into everything they did on the pitch, which is why they fully deserve their win. What a great game and result to finish the term on, well done boys!

Mr Hardie

Jules Birdsall, 08/12/2016

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