U11 Hockey v Mowden Hall

Wednesday 30th November 2016
St.Mary’s-8: Mowden Hall-0
Captain: Eliza

U11 Hockey 301116

After watching the 1sts and the 2nds the Under 11 team were fired up and ready to go for the penultimate game of the season.
It started well, in fact too well, with a Hannah C hat trick within the first 3 minutes of the game. I realised at this point that I was going to have to rearrange the structure of the team in order to manage the match. The girls thus rotated in and out of various positions and we reached half-time 4-0 up with Rosie having scored the fourth goal.

The decision was made to bring Anna out of the goalie kit and give her a run around on the pitch; Sumaiyah, slightly bemused, was padded up and ready to play in goal for the first time! Such is the talent in this young team that despite my best efforts they continued to score goals, they adapted to new positions easily and worked well in the different formation- their strengths being they communicate well and understand the shape of the game. Goals in the second half were well worked team efforts with Eliza (2), Hannah C and Molly S being the ones who popped the ball in to the net.

A super game to watch, as a coach I see numerous positional possibilities for these girls, and it will be really exciting to watch them as they move up the school.

Very well played-Maria, Mhairi, Molly C, Sumaiyah, Hannah C, Eliza, Molly C, Anna and Rosie.

Mrs FK Bell

Jules Birdsall, 01/12/2016

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