U8 and 9 Hockey v Mowden Hall

30th November 2016

In the final match of the season it was unfortunate that Mowden were short of players due to illness. The teams needed to be reduced in size which made it difficult for St Mary’s to demonstrate their recently perfected positional play. A team of six U9A started the afternoons hockey on the courts at school. Mowden won the toss and chose to take the centre. St Mary’s immediately demonstrated their strength, took possession of the ball and quickly scored their first couple of goals. This was the scene for much of the game with St Mary’s dominating the play and finishing with a final score of 7-0.

A fabulous end to a successful season. Very well played Anna, Sophie, Kate, Lily, Emily, Tiggy, Skye and Iona.

U8 and 9 B Tournament
This week was a good opportunity to play a number of girls and include more girls from Form 3. Two teams from St Mary’s and a team from Mowden Hall played in a mini tournament. St Mary’s 2 played Mowden Hall first and narrowly lost 1-0 in an evenly match game. Next St Mary’s 2 then played St Mary’s B and the B’s were the stronger side having more confidence to move forward with the ball and get it into the circle to shoot. Final score 5-0 to the B’s. This team then played against Mowden Hall. The B’s gained confidence from their earlier success and quickly went on the attack. Mowden had very few opportunities to take the ball into their attacking half allowing St Mary’s plenty of chances to score. The final result was 6-0 to St Mary’s B making them the winners of the Tournament.

St Mary’s 2 –Harriet, Ally, Charlotte, Zara, Celia.

St Mary’s B – Emerson, Cadence, Nicole, Florence, Freya.
A superb term’s hockey in which we have all enjoyed teaching this lively hard working group. They have made significant progress and we look forward to working with Form 3 next year and good luck to the Form 4s who as a year group have the potential to become a formidable team to beat.

Mrs Rhodes and Mrs Routledge

Jules Birdsall, 01/12/2016

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