St. Marys 2nd VIII v Earlston HS

Wednesday 16th November 2016
5 - 1
2nd XIII Hockey 16 Nov 16

An incredibly chilly Wednesday afternoon caught many of the 2nd VIII off guard this week and as the team photo suggests, despite there being lots to smile about at the conclusion of the game, a few more layers for the next match would be wise!
The girls had a great game, they played good text-book hockey and the new formation of having three attackers certainly gave plenty of opportunities for shots at goal. To their delight, every forward and midfield player set up or got a goal this week which was lovely for all. The whole team were a lot more assertive when inside the D during the match and definitely gave the impression of being ‘goal hungry’. Yet there was still plenty of team work in order to make the most of having possession which ensured the best outcome was had in all their forward presses. The girls were remembering to use triangles to push up the pitch, making passes square and down the line, as well as dropping the ball backwards. In order for this to be really successful communication is key and they girls tried hard to shout above the rain to let each other know if they were in a good position to be passed to. Down in defence, the ball was cleared wide and the girls made a sterling effort to try and make sure no player in the opposition was unmarked in the D which worked really well.
As ever, superb support from the side-lines kept the girls working hard for the full 40 minutes and it was really appreciated on such a wintery afternoon.
Well done girls. Let’s keep it up when we play Cargilfield next week, 3:15pm at Tweedbank. If our dedicated supporters feel able to brave the cold once more, please do come along!
Mrs J Scott Aiton

(Photographs by Mrs M Harvey)









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