School Structure 

Carol and Dougan the Dog

On Wednesday afternoon our dental nurse Carol and Dougan the Dog came to visit us in Kindergarten. Carol spent time monitoring the children brush their teeth and then with Dougan, talked to the children about brushing their teeth. Carol were very impressed and rewarded the children each with a sticker. 
child smile

Miss Carol: “How many teeth do you have?”
Hal: “a thousand”
Marek: “my teeth are broken”
Hal: ”I eat pears so im healthy”
Miss Carol: “What are teeth good for?”
William: “eating”
Marek: “eating food”
Hal: “talking”
Miss Carol: “Does anyone know how we keep our teeth clean and healthy?”
Hal: “brush our teeth”
William: “wash our face”
Marek: “drink water”
Brodie: “I have cheese cracker”
Miss Carol: “what do our teeth do?”
William: “they chomp”
Hal: “munch up the food”

child smile 2

child smile 3

child smile 4

Mrs L Berni

Jules Birdsall, 17/11/2016

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