2nd VIII Hockey v Loretto

Wednesday 9th November 2016
1 -0

What an exciting match the 2nds had against our friends at Loretto yesterday afternoon. They were away playing on the ‘smurf-turf’ at Pinkie and both teams had a great amount of support on the side-line which really helped spur on everyone involved.

Similarly to our first encounter again Loretto at the beginning of the season, the game was very evenly matched and both teams were showing a high work rate and covering a lot of ground on the pitch. Loretto had a couple of girls who were very confident in their skills ability and were nippy round our players in their advances up towards our goal. Confidence on the ball is something the St. Mary’s girls continue to work on as there is the tendency to ‘panic’ when the ball is on the end of their sticks. However, the girls were encouraged to have faith in their own ability and move the ball themselves, when space allowed, rather than looking for passes all the time. As well as many opportunities for Loretto in our D, St Mary’s were awarded two short corners in the first half which were set up brilliantly. However, due to one strike going just shy of the right post and the second one being saved splendidly by the Loretto goalie, at the half time whistle the score was 0-0.

And 0-0 it stayed for the majority of the second half! The ball continued to be played up and down the pitch by both teams, yet at times it did look like Loretto had the upper hand and might scrape a goal. However, our defensive line was committed as ever and were clearing the ball wide and away from the danger zone in the centre of the field. As the minutes ticked away it was looking like neither side were going to be able to get the ball in the back of the goal until a wonderfully strong cross from the St. Mary’s midfield went accurately to the centre of the D where we had an awaiting forward who with one swoop, lifted the ball past the goalie and into the backboard. It would be fair to say the crowd went wild! The girls had to control their celebrations just yet as there was still time on the clock, however, not long after, the final whistle blew.

A terribly exciting match, very even between the teams, but great to come away with the result going our way. Well done team!

Mrs Scott Aiton

Jules Birdsall, 10/11/2016

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