U9A&B Hockey v Loretto

Wednesday 9th November

U9 Hockey 91116

Under 9A
On Monday during the lesson the U9’s didn’t play well resorting back to playing as a group of ball hungry individuals rather than the successful coherent team they had become. With this in mine I was apprehensive about facing the team from Loretto. After a firm team talk St Mary’s took up a defensive position for Loretto’s first centre pass. I need not have worried; the U9’s were back on form and slick as ever!

Confident tackling and thoughtful passing kept St Mary’s on a role with Tiggy scoring two goals and Skye one in the first half of the game. They continued to stay on form switching the ball effectively and holding their positions well. Sophie had a good game in right mid receiving some accurate and well placed passes from Emily in defence and Kate in centre mid.

With a confident 3-0 lead I decided to rotate the team around for the second half moving attack into defence and vice versa. I wanted to ensure the girls stayed focussed and didn’t get complacent. They all have improved skills and it is important at this age to appreciate and gain experience in a variety of different roles on the pitch.

I never once felt they were going to lose their lead and all the team coped well with the switch. The final score was a convincing 4-1 win to St Mary’s with Iona providing the final goal.

It’s another impressive result and just one game to go against Mowden Hall in a couple of weeks. We still have plenty to work on and I look forward to some fun lessons in preparation for this game.

Super work U9’s: Emily, Iona, Kate, Skye, Sophie and Tiggy

Mrs Rhodes

Under 9B
After their success last week against Fettes there were a number of changes to the U9B team with the addition of players from Form 3.  After winning the toss we took first push back and moved forward in attack, After some strong attacking play St Mary’s were unlucky not to score and at the end of the first third the score was still 0 – 0.  St Mary’s carried on their attack during the 2nd third and were rewarded after some super passing and tackling with a goal scored by Anna.
During the final third St Mary’s again dominated the play however Loretto took advantage of a couple of lapses of concentration in defence and scored twice.  
The final result being  2- 1 to Loretto

Match summary
The match was fast and furious with the forwards, of Anna, Freya and Florence, demonstrating some excellent passing and attacking and also being quick to run back and support the defence when Loretto came on the attack.  The defence of Lilly, Emerson, Harriet and Ali worked well with some strong tackling and were unlucky to let 2 goals past.
Well played: Anna, Freya, Florence, Lilly, Emerson, Harriet and Ali
Mrs Routledge

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