1st XV Rugby v Mowden Hall

Venue: Mowden Hall
Date:  9th November 2016
Lost 15-5

1st XV Rugby 91116

After a long trip down to Mowden, the boys got off the bus with a spring in their step excited about the afternoon ahead.

After a short and sharp warm up with skips leading the way, St Mary’s kicked off.

It was a scrappy start with both teams showing their muscle and indeed their flair but St Mary’s made the better start. After some good skills in moving the ball from touchline to touchline, Will S spotted a gap at guard and shield. He picked the ball up and went straight through and with terrific strength, swatted the covering full back to score under the posts.

Unfortunately, there are no conversions in English rugby at u13 level so it was back to kick off. There were a lot of penalties against St Mary’s in the following few minutes but the boys just kept going and defended their hearts out. Unfortunately, a little mistake in the gold zone for St Mary’s resulted in a length of the field try from Mowden to level it up.

The game was a tense affair with both teams playing aggressive rugby but a definite drop in the passing skills was evident due to a lack of depth in attack. Boys were getting the ball standing still as they were not realigning fast enough. It allowed the defence to close the space fast.

Some terrific running from the midfield and some super ground work from the forwards unfortunately did not reap the rewards the boys had worked so hard to achieve but they kept going and against the run of play, Mowden scored 2 more tries.

Time was running out but still the boys battled to get another try. Alas, it did not come but the boys came off with respect and humility and will be stronger after this experience.

Whatever adversity you face in the world, remain centred. Respect your boundaries. Keep a leash on fear. Breathe through anger until you reach compassion.

Practice happiness. Count your blessings.

Next job boys.

Mr RE Mill

Jules Birdsall, 10/11/2016

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