2nd VIII vs Fettes

Wednesday 2nd November 2016
St. Mary’s 0 – Fettes 6
A tough day in the office for the 2nd VIII girls on match day this week. Fettes were rumoured to be strong and they did not disappoint. The St. Mary’s team had had a fantastic warm up and were raring to go by the time the first push back got under way. The girls had a good start with some strong advances up the field but ultimately it was a lack of getting the little things right that lost them the game. Hitting the target is number one on the list, not just when shooting at goal but when making passes to teammates too. We have been working so hard in training to avoid making diagonal passes and trying to not hit the ball through opposing players which ultimately leads to a loss of possession. Drop passes and square passes are a stronger option when wanting to move the ball around and sadly, these types of passes did not come to fruition today. When put under pressure it is always a challenge to keep a cool head but the basics should be there in order to ensure the right outcome is achieved.

However, there were some exciting moments in front of the Fettes goal and despite what the score may suggest, their goalie by no means had time for a snooze. Our attackers had some great chances which they just missed out on and a short corner shot that did hit the goal’s backboard, sadly was disallowed due to the ball not being touched outside of the D after the injection. These things happen and that is how we learn to pick ourselves up and move on to the next task.
Fettes thoroughly deserved the win today and we thank them and their coaches for being such great sports. A special mention must go to Tegan who held the fort in goal today in Phoebe’s absence and did a jolly good job at it too. Some fantastic saves were made – well done!

Let’s keep working on those basics and bring on Loretto for the second time this season next week.

Mrs Scott Aiton

Jules Birdsall, 03/11/2016

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