U9A Hockey v Fettes 6 aside

Wednesday 2nd November 2016
Home – Tweedbank

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Timing doesn’t always go to plan. The late arrival of the Fettes team allowed St Mary’s a long warm up which they took full advantage of in the first 3 minutes of the game when Skye scored a quick and easy first goal. It’s always good to have an early goal in the bag.

From then on Fettes gained full focus and the game developed into a fast, competitive and challenging one. With only 6 players on the team they all had plenty of running to do.

The captain for this week, Lily, enjoys playing sweeper and she does this with patience and control. The team know they can rely on her to make solid tackles and clear the danger zone sending the ball out to the side of the pitch.

Iona started off in defence. She has worked hard on her close stick skills and this helped enormously when tackling and winning possession of the ball which she did numerous times. Iona can drive the ball forward with both strength and accuracy which is very useful in reaching the waiting forwards up the field. She often switches play from one side of the field to the other which is great for opening up the game. Controlled play in attack in the second half of the game rewarded her with St Mary’s second goal.

Emily plays well on the left of the pitch because she is confident with her reverse stick stopping and passing. She has got the hang of using the outside of the pitch and keeping the ball out of trouble whilst giving her and her team time to re position themselves. 

 Tiggy in centre mid continued to be a stalwart of the team making endless tackles and delivering the ball accurately to the attacking players. If only I could bottle half of her energy I would be a wealthy lady!

Up in attack, goal hungry Skye never falters and her speed and determination gives her plenty of opportunities to score goals. She show great grit and is always ready to deal with any deflection or rebound.

Last but by far least Kate finished today in attack. She is comfortable in either role, is strong when tackling for the ball and thinks carefully about the best thing to do with it when she gains possession. She is good at switching the ball to the left side and gaining space and time for the team. She is never afraid of the advancing opposition and doesn’t shy away from tackles.

A hard battle on another beautiful day, Fettes scored on the whistle for half time but St Mary’s were victorious winning 2 goals to 1. Are they all ready to do it again next week against Loretto and maintain the winning streak?

Mrs Rhodes

Jules Birdsall, 03/11/2016

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