Great Outdoors Activity - Block 2

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Once again the group were enthusiastic and on the move as we explored first the school grounds, then over Eildon Saddle and finally the Tweed during our second three week block. Fortunately due to other events we arranged to do the longer Eildon walk on the second week and once again enjoyed a gloriously sunny walk with not a puff of wind to blow us about. There had been some rain, however, so the footing was fairly slippery but our enthusiastic ramblers were scooting about like Mayflies. We took the same route up from Bowden Loch round to the saddle, finding the odd blaeberry on the way. It seemed a long way till the lunch stop in the wee ‘Quarry’ on the saddle but the children were full of chatter and were identifying several species of tree though there is still a tendency to say every one is a Beech or Silver Birch! The view, as ever, was wonderful and we located several Border’s landmarks and had a wee history lesson about Pinalheugh. Lunch stop was very refreshing and once again there was blueberry hunting as the children scrambled over the heather to find the tiny sweet berries.

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We completed our adventures with a walk over the Gattonside swing bridge and along the Tweed this week. Unfortunately the weather took a serious turn for the worse when we were at our furthest point and we all got totally soaked. However there was no misery as the children seemed oblivious to the rain as they enjoyed skimming stones and checking out the ‘popping seeds’ of the Himalayan balsam which has invaded these parts of the river banking. After this it was a fairly brisk walk back to school which allowed the children time for a warming shower before the start of lessons. This has been a very enjoyable block of activities and I have loved taking these interested and enthusiastic children out and about in the wonderful countryside we have at our backdoor.

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Mrs Runciman

Jules Birdsall, 01/11/2016

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