2nd XIII Hockey v Dollar 

Wednesday 5th October
St. Mary’s 6 – Dollar Academy 0



Another sunny and successful afternoon graced the 2nd VIII at Tweedbank today. Having taken quite a beating from the Dollar team this time last year, the girls knew they had to pull it out of the bag today. The St. Mary’s team showed skill and strength in parts, but Dollar had some good set pieces and forward advances too. There are still plenty of things for the St. Mary’s girls to work on, however, and a focus on incorporating new skills learnt in training sessions into their competitive play would be advantageous. Nevertheless, when they got things right, they were rewarded and should be very pleased with the end result.


Here are some points about each player from today’s game:

Phoebe (Goalie) – A quiet match this week but has worked hard on keeping her focus on the game and watching the ball. She knows when to leave the ball to go off the back of the pitch and continues to improve upon her decision making.
Isla (Right-defence) – A stalwart to the team, she is relentless in defence and uses her quick thinking and spatial awareness to ensure every pass or move she does is of purpose and benefit to the team. Her increased strength enabled her to show great grit and physicality in the match.
Iona (Left-defence) – The one-touch wonder! She worked hard to clear the ball in a controlled manner whilst under pressure from advancing opposition forwards. Strong in the tackle and mindful to make sure Phoebe was never left venerable in the D. She made some cracking tackles which prevented shots being had.
Lucy (Left-mid) - Never falters in understanding the importance of keeping her width and is reliably out on the left wing ready to receive passes or clearances from the defence. She is continuing to improve on picking the ball up on the move and is developing into a very dynamic player.
Anna (Centre-mid) – A relentless player who worked tirelessly for the duration of the match. Continued confidence to use her skills to take the ball around the opposition granted her team the majority of opportunities in their attacking D.
Louisa (Right-mid) – Gaining in confidence with every match, she worked hard both off and on the ball, using her increased strength to take shot after shot at goal. Her gazelle like legs enabled her to cover quite a distance in the 40 minutes whilst showing great determination to keep going, even when tiring.
Tegan (Mid) – Fresh back from injury, Tegan quickly slotted into the team and did well to get into the swing of things. She impressed with her ability to pick the ball up on her reverse stick and quickly get it onto her strong side to make a pass or to move it up the pitch herself.
Ruby (Mid/forward) – Positivity and enthusiasm in a nutshell! She worked hard to follow guidance and instruction which resulted in her scoring a spectacular goal, her first of the season, into the top left corner. Well done!
Freya (Forward) – Confidence and strength with the ball have been her biggest improvements so far as she develops into a well-positioned and quicker-thinking forward. She knows to be on her post ready for a tap-in and was fundamental in assisting with many of the goals.
Rowan (Forward) – Plenty of stick skills and improvements in strength saw many strong shots at the goal this week. She knows to be on the post ready for deflections and rebounds and pushes her fitness levels to ensure she’s in the right place at pinnacle times.
Get ready to do it all over again next week girls!

2nds vs Dollar 51010 2 2nds vs Dollar 51016

Mrs Scott Aiton
Images by Mrs Harvey

J Scott Aiton, 07/10/2016

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