U9A Hockey v Compass

Wednesday 5th October 2016

U9 Hockey 51016

On a beautiful sunny day the U9A were really looking forward to their trip to Compass school in Haddington to play, what was for them, new opponents. There was much anticipation regarding Compass’s skill level, were we ‘in for a thrashing’ and a hard game or were we to have the opportunity for plenty of goals?

St Mary’s Captain Emily won the toss and elected to have the first centre, Iona passed the ball to Skye and the team moved the ball forward. In the excitement to be involved in the action the team huddled together in the centre of the pitch and made life difficult for themselves. Sophie on the right wing was the first to understand the need to use the outside edge of the pitch and that if she was patient and waited long enough the ball would come to her. This was the start of some excellent team play by St Mary’s. Sophie took the ball up the wing and passed it into Skye who made short work of sending it to the back of the net.

The first half continued with some confident play by St Mary’s who kept the ball in their attacking half allowing Tiggy to score an amazing 3 goals and Iona one. The forwards played confidently and whenever the ball made it into St Mary’s defence Kate, Anna and Emily dealt with it swiftly.
We had a switch around of players and positions for the second half and it was reassuring to see this made no difference to the team’s ability to move the ball from one side of the pitch to the other or their ability to keep the depth and lines of defence. Lily and Emerson didn’t miss a tackle and confidently passed the ball forward to Anna in left mid and Kate on the right. Tiggy and Iona had a number of shoots at goal and both managed to score another one each. Emily held her position well as centre mid and whenever Compass had possession in the centre of the pitch Emily made her tackle count, won the ball and passed with strength and accuracy forward and to the side of the pitch.

Improved skills, determination, good teamwork and having the discipline to wait for the ball gave St Mary’s a resounding 7-0 victory. A Brilliant result. Anna, Emerson, Lily, Sophie, Kate, Skye, Iona, Emily and Tiggy.

Mrs Rhodes

Jules Birdsall, 06/10/2016

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