U11B vs Fettes and Belhaven

At Fettes
Wednesday 28th September 2016
Geordie M (C)
Stewart M
Alex M
Archie J
Mitchell C 
Ed S
Ollie L

U11B Rugby 28916

St. Mary's headed up to Fettes on a fairly miserable afternoon with a group of 7 to take on Belhaven and Fettes in what was going to be a tough but exciting afternoon. 
First up were Belhaven 2's and St. Mary's and within the first few minutes Stewart M had to be withdrawn through injury and was generously replaced with a Belhaven player. The game started a little sluggishly with a few tackles being missed and some dubious passes. However as the game progressed some superb runs up the touch line from Ollie L provided some great opportunities and individual tries. Once again Geordie M's tackling was on form with hardly any of the opposition managing to break his tackles. In what was a hard fought match, the boys played well but there was much room for improvement. 
The second game against Fettes was a huge step up with tackles being made and great runs from Ed S and Mitchell C setting up some great tries and opportunities, the best of which being converted by Archie J who went over in the corner after a great team effort. Alex M nearly followed suit in the second half, just running out of pitch, a great effort nonetheless! 

U11B Ruby 28916
The third game was against the stronger Belhaven side who were quite a lot bigger and stronger than the St. Mary's boys. However what St. Mary's lacked in size and strength, they certainly made up for in grit and determination with some outstanding tackles coming once again from Geordie M, more great running coming from Ed S with some good offloads to keep the play going. Alex M forced some errors from Belhaven by keeping the pressure on them which helped to disorganise their attacking structure. Again, in what was a hard fought game, I couldn't fault the boys for the effort they put in.
All in all, it was a good day for everyone involved as all the boys had great moments, whether it be a run, a tackle or an offload, and was a huge step up from their performance in the game last week!
Well done boys!
Me Hardie

Jules Birdsall, 29/09/2016

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