U9A Hockey v Cargilfield

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Wednesday 28th September 2016
U9A hockey 28 september

The U9A team were feeling confident after their last very convincing win. Against Cargilfield they soon gain possession of the ball and moved it swiftly into attack. Iona, Tiggy and Skye passed the ball neatly between each other but had underestimated the strength of the Cargilfield defence who tackled with strength and determination and easily won back possession. With three out of five of the St Mary’s players in very attacking positions it left the St Mary’s defence very vulnerable. Fortunately Emily made an excellent tackle and managed to get St Mary’s out of trouble. Cargilfield took a side line pass which found the attacking players and they scored the first goal, closely followed by a second. It was St Mary’s centre pass and they now realised they would have to work well as a team with some strong quick passes if they were to outwit Cargilfield.  This they did with some excellent play between all the girls. Tiggy, and Skye both had a good shot at goal but it was Iona who finally crossed the line giving St Mary’s their first goal.

In the second half St Mary’s were aware they needed to remember to focus on their defensive play but they took this too literally and during a couple of attempts at scoring they lost the opportunity because there now weren’t enough players in attack to take the rebound and get the ball in the back of the net. A number of close opportunities were missed but Cargilfield did manage to sneak in another lucky goal despite the best efforts and some thoughtful play by Kate in defence Towards the end of the game Skye found herself running with the ball close to the shooting area and made a shot at goal, this was travelling just wide but luckily for St Mary’s the Cargilfield defender deflected the ball and it went into the goal. They all count! Final score 3-2 to Cargilfield.  A close game in which either school could have finished on top. Well done Emily, Kate, Iona, Skye and Tiggy.

U9A Hockey 28 September 2

Mrs Rhodes

Jules Birdsall, 29/09/2016

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