The Great Outdoors

Thursday 22nd September

The final week of 1st block of activities saw the great outdoor explorers trek up to the saddle of the Eildons from Bowden Loch. The children managed to pick the odd ‘blaeberry’ on the way to our picnic spot in the wee quarry. The children were spotting the differences in the trees and as we climbed up and up they just seemed to be getting smaller! We noted that the soil was getting thinner and the rocks show through and make the path quite stony at places.  We also discovered the little ‘black’ pond and realised that the peat all around it was black and this is where it gets its dark colour. The views from the saddle were quite beautiful and we discussed the various Borders towns that we could spot as well as other landmarks like Cheviot and Soutra hills and the tall spire of Pinalheugh. We had to  walk very fast to get back to school in time for the last hour of lessons but the fresh air and good walk revived children and teachers alike. This group have been a pleasure to work with and now I look forward to starting the second block next week & hope for similar lovely weather in 3 weeks’ time when I hope to repeat the trip!   
great outdoors

great outdoors 2

great outdoors 2

great outdoors 3

great outdoors 4

Mrs Runciman

Jules Birdsall, 23/09/2016

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