U9 Hockey v Clifton Hall

Wednesday 21st September 2016

U9 hockey 21 sept 16 
On a beautiful September afternoon, the U9 hockey team took to the pitch for the first time this season.  The match was 6 aside and the starting line-up quickly put their recent training into practise with some super positioning.  The St Mary’s forwards quickly moved the ball towards the goal line and dominated the play, scoring 3 goals in the first half. Despite the majority of the play being in the attacking half the backs were constantly following the game and reacted quickly when Clifton Hall found space and came towards them, quickly moving forward to tackle the opposition and pass the ball to the St Marys’ forwards.
St Mary’s continued to control the play in the second half and scored a further 2 goals, although Clifton Hall defended well and the girls had to use their passing skills to move the ball around the defence. 
Match summary
It was a super start to the season for the U9 team of:  Anna, Sophie, Cadence, Kate, Lilly, Emily, Tiggy, Skye and Iona.  Their awareness of where the other members of the team were, use of the pitch and holding of their positions was excellent.  Lots to build on for future matches.

U9 hockey 21 sept 16 B

Mrs Routledge

Jules Birdsall, 22/09/2016

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