U11 Hockey v Heriots U12c

Wednesday 14th September 2016
St.Mary’s-2: Heriot’s-0

U11 Hockey 14 September

Captain: Hannah C

This was possibly the strongest performance I have seen from an Under 11 team in recent years. Today they communicated, worked hard off the ball and were skilful with stick work; they played some intelligent hockey and deserved the victory against older girls.

Hannah C shot both goals though many more of her attempts were saved by a very proficient Goal Keeper; goals came after well worked moves by Eliza, Rosie, Maria and Mhairi who kept possession and played the ball across the pitch until Hannah was able to take a lead and get in to position. Anna, looking the part and always ready in goal, was left with little to do thanks to the super defensive work of Molly S and Amelie. Our two reserves, Lucy and Molly C slotted in beautifully, first in the mid field and latterly up in attack.

A talented team, I was thrilled with the performance of every one of them-well done girls.

Mrs F K Bell

Jules Birdsall, 15/09/2016

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