U12 Hockey v Heriots

Wednesday 14th September
St. Mary’s 8 – Heriots 2

Today was a good day! The U12 girls picked up their first win of the season in a rainy Edinburgh, playing against Heriots U12B’s. Due to bad traffic, there was no time for a warm up so the girls were straight onto the pitch for the first push back. The first half was, to say the least, scrappy and the St. Mary’s girls were struggling to get the basics right, perhaps due to the lack of warm up time. Both sides, however, did have opportunities but it was St. Mary’s who managed to put away the first goal of the game due to some excellent stick work by Jessica, with Freya on the left post, tapping the ball over the goal line. Heriots, however, were hot on their heels and sunk a goal just before the half time whistle to level the scores due to simple errors on our part, which left Phoebe alone in the D to take on 4 Heriots girls.

A focused team talk during the break got the girls back on track. Making strong, simple passes to keep possession, being in the correct place at the correct time for particular formation presses that we had practised in training, as well as having the determination and inclination to want to win the game, were all points the girls set about executing as the second half began. The first 5 minutes of the second half were strong from both teams and Heriots, as well as St. Mary’s, had some fantastic advances. Once again, St. Mary’s were first to get a goal in with a great strike from Rowan at the goal. Yet, similarly to in the first half, the Heriots girls’ gutsy natures had them equalizing within a few minutes. Everything was still to play for and Isla and Iona had their work cut out in defence to fend off any advances from the opposition. They did themselves proud though and worked the ball well between them. Phoebe was kept on her toes and watched the ball well as her defence did a sterling job of preventing many more shots at her. Lucy and Ruby were out on the wings in midfield and were instrumental in moving the ball further up the pitch to the forwards on the posts in the D. Jessica worked hard to use her silky skills and strong passes to the team’s advantage by smacking the ball into the D which created many of the goals today as Rowan and Freya ensured they went over the goal line.

There really was some text-book hockey played by these girls today as they ‘clicked’ as a team. They should be very pleased with how they played and go forward to next week with confidence.

Well done!
Mrs Scott Aiton

Jules Birdsall, 15/09/2016

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