U10 Hockey v Loretto

Wednesday 7th September
Loretto 1, St Mary’s 1
U10 Hockey 7 Sept 16

The girls were buzzing with excitement as we travelled to Loretto for our first match of the new season.  It was lovely to have a fixture with some lovely September sunshine but today proved to be a little too warm for everyone involved.
Our hosts won the toss and we quickly prepared for our 9-aside match.   I was delighted to see our team score early on in the first half with a fabulous goal from Elsa.  We continued to try to increase our score on numerous occasions before half time but the Loretto defence were strong.  The defending trio of Willa, Anna and Emma were determined to protect our goal and the score at half time remained 0-1 to us.
While having our break I could tell the scorching heat, blazing sun and speedy game were starting to tire out our team.  The squad took a while to cool down and prepare for the second half but displayed their commitment to the under 10 squad and didn’t complain as we headed back on to play another 15 minutes.  With a dip in concentration, the Loretto team scored and made the score 1-1.  Emily, Freyja and Libby worked tirelessly to gain possession of the ball but Loretto kept fighting back.  The mid-field squad of Elsa, Elena and Imo continued to help all over the pitch and kept the ball away from our goal and towards our attacking players.
Today was a great start to our season and maybe we would have just taken the lead if we were able to work together and use spaces to pass away from the opposition instead of playing very close together in the middle band of the pitch.  I am sure we will get a change to perfect these skills in the coming weeks.
A great start today with a lovely group of well-mannered and enthusiastic girls.
A huge thanks to Mrs de Gier for helping with transport today and for cheering the girls on throughout the match.
U10 Hockey 7 Sept 16 B

Mrs Wright

Jules Birdsall, 09/09/2016

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