U9 Cricket v Ardvreck

1st June 2016
The U9’s played host to Ardvreck on Wednesday in a 6 pair match with the visitors bringing the sunshine with them in time for the start of the match.

Stand in Capt. for the day Stewart won the toss and elected to bat. John and Ollie de G opened and immediately John hit a boundary to set the tone. 8 more runs followed, including another 4, in the first over without loss to get St. Mary’s off to a flyer. 11 more were added in the 2nd over with both boys hitting further 4’s as they looked to attack. No loss of wicket meant they put on 23 to give St. Mary’s a solid foundation.

Josh and Alex came in next. Both scored steadily with 1’s and 2’s and ticked the scoreboard over nicely as they ran between the wicket well. The only blemish was loss of the 1st wicket on their final ball, but they still had added 10 good runs.

Archie and Oliver L came to the crease as the 3rd pair.  A good bowling over kept the boys a little pinned down, but they still hit 3 runs and importantly hadn’t lost a wicket. Next over saw them hit 2 boundaries for a 10 run contribution and no loss of wicket to take the overall score to 47-1.

Isaac and Geordie came in at pair 4.They faced 2 good bowlers who kept line and length. This made scoring difficult but they added 2 singles in their 1st over. In the 2nd a couple of wides helped the home cause, as did the fact the boys didn’t lose a wicket, and so did well to add to the total against good bowling.

Mitchell and Flynn stepped up next. Again more than decent bowling from Ardvreck made scoring difficult. The result was only one scoring shot off the bat, but a couple of wides kept the scoreboard ticking over. As with the previous St. Mary’s pair when up against good bowling, it’s important not to lose a wicket and this they accomplished. Well done.

The final pair were Stewart and Henry. Stewart immediately hit a 4!, and then both boys added 4 more off the bat for a total of 8 in their first over. Some good calling and backing up was prevalent here the next bowler tried to bowl quick, but at the loss of a couple of wides. Stewart hit another 4, and then both added 2 more for 18 runs in their spell with no loss of wicket. St. Mary’s ended the innings on 288-1.

The Ardvreck innings saw John open the bowling. Good line and length kept the opening batsmen at bay. A single was the only score, capped off with a wicket off the last ball. A good start for St. Mary’s Alex then only conceded 1 run off his first 4 balls. 2 wides then followed, but Alex still ended up only conceding 5 runs when the visitors looked to push the score on. 1-1

Josh then bowled a good tight over to only give up 4 runs and didn’t bowl a wide. Mitchell again this week took wickets (2) for only 1 run in his spell! Well done both.4 for 3.

Ollie de G then repeated what Mitchell did! Oliver then bowled his first over for the “A’s”, and although bowling 3 wides didn’t lose a run off the bat .He also took a great catch from a ball driven straight back at him for a wicket. Again well done both.

Archie and Geordie then turned their arms over and were tight from the off. Archie only had 5 runs taken off him, and Geordie almost bowled a maiden with just 1 run getting away from him. Well done both.

Isaac and Flynn took over, and apart from 2 wides each the only conceded 1 run off the bat between them! 5-6.

Finally Stewart and Henry finished the innings. The visitors looked to hit out but Stewart was up to the task. Only 4 singles came off his bowling. Henry also only cost 4 and bowled his customary line and length. Good bowling both boys as the visitors ended on 213 -6.

Well done both teams as all players played in good cheer, helped of course by the visitors bringing the sunshine with them!    


Mr A Rutherford, 06/06/2016