U9A v Belhaven 

25th May 2016
On Wednesday the u9’s entertained Belhaven on a cool, cloudy but dry afternoon.

The visitors won the toss and put St. Mary’s into bat for their 8 ball 8 over innings. Such was the breeze we changed ends away from our traditional end to bowl.

Ed and Ollie de G opened for St. Mary’s and from the off the opening Belhaven bowler kept good line and length keeping our openers pinned down. Scoring was only 2 byes and a single up to the last ball of the over. Frustrated, Ed took a big swing playing across the line and was bowled!  -2 for the over. Next bowler for the opening pair was quick but wayward. Some wides helped the score, countered though by another wicket falling. But then an Ollie de G boundary helped the boys to finish on 10 for 2.

Alex M and Josh entered the fray and took 3 singles off the 1st over. The 2nd over was similar, and though both bowlers generated good pace to make it difficult to get them away they also conceded wides in their attempt to bowl quick. Alex and Josh didn’t lose a wicket to take the innings to 30-2.

Up next Henry and Mitchell. Again Belhaven tried to bowl quick but cost some wides and despite the pace, both St. Mary’s boys scored some 1’s and 2’s.Tthis allied to again no loss of wicket moved the score onto 51 at the end of their stint.

The final pair saw John and Stewart at the crease. John faced first against able bowling as the first ball was a dot ball. However John’s next 4 balls saw him score 14 including 2 boundaries (one 6!). Stewart then faced as the bowler tightened his line, but 3 byes resulted to end the over. The final over of the innings saw an initial flurry of runs, including 2 further boundaries, before bowling tightened again. However, the boys had added 36 for no wicket lost.

St. Mary’s ended on 287 for 2. A big improvement today was keeping the ball down to help prevent catches. The loss of only 2 wickets in the innings was a direct result of this. Well done.

Again this week Ed and Alex opened the bowling. Ed started well with 2 dot balls, but the visiting opening batsmen got their eye in and then went onto add 14 for the over. Alex then bowled with good line and length. He bowled 5 dot balls, took a wicket and conceded only 4 runs to steady the ship. 13 -1.

Josh and Mitchell then took over. Josh started well as the first 4 balls lost only 1 run and he took a wicket. Belhaven tried to counter and the bat was swung and they added 10 to the total. Mitchell then started with a wicket as the visitors attempted to catch up ground. 10 further runs were scored before Mitchell took 2 further wickets to end the Belhaven over in deficit. Well done both.

Ollie de G and Henry went next. Ollie looked to bowl straight so took some pace of and it paid off as only 7 runs were scored. Henry followed suit, and although 9 runs came he took 2 good wickets which put the Belhaven total in deficit also. Well done both.

Finally Stewart and John came in. Belhaven looked to attack and swing the bat. Stewart was tight and kept scoring to a mix of dot balls, 1’s and 2’s for 9 runs scored. The final over saw John start really well. 2 wickets in the first 3 balls no less (including a great running catch by Alex M off his toes to end a great afternoon for him) sagged Belhaven morale a little as they attempted to close the gap. They did recover to their credit as they added 6 runs for no further loss.

Final score 226-9 A good bowling effort today together with good catching and wicket taking. All boys played their part and contributed. Well done.

Well done in fact to both teams as the match was played in a very positive spirit withal boys enjoying the match helped by the fact the rain managed to stay off!

Mr A Rutherford, 30/05/2016