Form 7 Trip - Art and Fashion

Last Friday, Form 7 travelled to Edinburgh for a visual feast in the form of a workshop at the Modern Art Gallery followed by a fashion show at Edinburgh College of Art.

Form 7 trip

The theme of our workshop was “But is it Art”. This was a rather large question to ask our somewhat sleepy artists. However we slowly began to warm to the theme as our guides Fraser and Kaye (both practising artists who work for the gallery on a freelance basis) directed us to 3 pieces to get us thinking

We looked at the work of Nathan Coley which with a little guidance helped us to question the meaning of signs that surround us.

Then we pondered over some rather odd animal signage.

Our curiosity was now suitably piqued and we began to question what our eyes were telling us. The work of the contempary Scottish Artist Douglas Gordon was particularly thought provoking.

He had listed from memory everyone that he thought he had ever met in a huge flow down the central staircase. With a little detective work the five degrees of separation between us and the artist should be possible.

Now we were ready to make our own responses so it was on to the light filled bothy that is often used as a working space for artists.

Form 7 trip 1

Form 7 trip 2

Form 7 trip 3

We began to make our own interpretation of a sign, using words or images that would hopefully make the viewer stop and think. Their conclusion might be exactly what the artist intended or it equally might not be. A little ambiguity can go a long way!

It was a delight to find a place among the slightly better known artists to display our work.

 “A rather strange little protest group seen in Edinburgh”

After a much appreciated packed lunch in the fabulous settings of the gardens it was then across town to the Art School.  Here we were treated to a display of an immense amount of work as the students from fashion, textiles and theatrical design demonstrated their talents and ambitions on the catwalk. Perhaps not the usual attire sported on Melrose High Street but certainly full of passion and creativity.

Roy Lichtenstein: Pop inspired costume for Dance
Form 7 trip 5

Whether something is to our individual taste or not we are trying in Form 7 to widen our visual horizons and appreciate the work of others. Fabrics had been designed, garments created and weird and wonderful stories told in front of our eyes.

Indeed we may well have been suffering from visual fatigue when we finally boarded the buses to take us home.

It was a full and stimulating day which was made possible by Mrs Hardie and Mrs Lewington driving the buses.

Inspired by our trip we have placed our artwork from the gallery around school and we hope to intrigue and bamboozle you in equal measures. We hope you enjoy finding your own interpretation of our art trail.

Fomr 7 trip 4



Miss D Wood, 26/05/2016