U11B v Belhaven

Wednesday 25th May 2016

U11B cricket 25 May 16

It was a cool may day when Mrs Letts and Mr Williams set off with Mrs Blunt in convoy to Belhaven with the unbeaten U11B team. After a miniature tour around Haddington on the way, we soon arrived at Belhaven and were greeted by the opposition. The toss was quickly held and won by St Mary’s who opted to bat first.

After the first few balls I knew it was going to be hard as the standard of the Belhaven U11B tem was extraordinarily high. The lads managed to get through the first over but their first wicket came in the second with a nice catch at cover. From here the situation got worse and half the team forgot how to run between the wicket and that you need to stay in your own crease! There were 5 run outs and 2 stumping’s in the St Mary’s innings. By the 8th over we were on 34 for 9 and, as we only brought 10 batsmen, I put back in the batsman who had made the most runs again for the 11th batsman. The last partnership did stand for about 20 runs and 6 overs so got us up over 50 and to a total of 53 for the hosts to chase.

Match tea then came which was my favourite part of the afternoon, with lovely sandwiches and a great chocolate sponge cake. It was all over too soon and we were called back to the pitch to be taught a lesson.

As we only had 10 men, we needed to borrow a Belhaven player to make up our numbers in the field. In the first over the substitute fielder caught a great catch to put one of his mates back in the pavilion and for a second I thought we might have a tiny chance to get back into the game. However, I was very wrong and in the next over a few catches went down and a few boundaries were scored. This seemed to be the theme of our fielding effort that afternoon and some players were more interested in kicking the dust or daydreaming than in the game. There were some funny moments throughout when one of our fielders was running in to catch the ball and suddenly remembered he was scared of the ball, opting to dive into the ground and out of the way of the ball to concede 4 runs. Also another great moment happened when the ball was hit hard along the ground and was stopped most unexpectedly by what looked like a strange dance move as the ball was stopped dead under his foot after he had leapt and turned 180 degrees in the air.

After 8 overs they had reached our total and the game was over. We did play on for a few more overs to let their batsmen have a bit more of a game which was very sporting of the lads. With the bags packed in the bus we made a quick getaway where our unbeaten run of 3 games had hit the hardest of brick walls. Anyway, this had been the B’s first hardball match and a lot of lessons had been learnt!

Hopefully the next fixture will be our preferred kwik cricket version of the game as that is the U11B’s speciality. We look forward to our next fixture where we can show what we have learnt from this fixture.
U11B cricket 25 May 16 2
Photographs courtesy of Mrs Letts


Mr R Williams, 26/05/2016