U11 Rounders vs Longridge Towers

Wednesday 18th May 2016
St. Mary’s 18 – Longridge Towers 7 ½
U11 vs LT

Another gloriously sunny afternoon met the U11 team as they headed to Longridge for their penultimate match. There was some really good rounders played by both teams and with the idyllic Berwickshire countryside as a backdrop, a very lovely afternoon was had by all.

St Mary’s got to field first which always goes down well with the team. They showed drive a determination over the course of both innings’ and communicated well to make sure the right decisions were made quickly. They worked the ball to the correct posts very accurately and made some good catches which saw three batters being stumped out in a row on balls 3, 4 and 5 and then again on balls 18, 19 and 20 in the first innings. This left just three batters in for the remaining ten balls and some tactical thinking would be required from the girls to get the side out before ball thirty. However, the Longridge girls worked hard to keep getting round to fourth post and they had the majority of their team’s score achieved by these final three batters. Longridge’s second batting innings was more successful and they kept the St. Mary’s girls on their toes by making quick runs between the posts. Our ‘magic triangle’ between bowler, backstop and first worked well at times and the only batters to get out in the innings was at first post when this was a success.

When it was our time to bat the girls performed their best batting of the season. Every girl hit the ball at least once which is fantastic! The girls were risk taking but savvy at the same time in order to bag as many half rounders as possible. Many full rounders were also scored with two particularly exciting ones from Beth and Lucy. With some good support from parents on the side line the girls blossomed in confidence and put in a very strong performance.

As a team they are getting becoming more aware of the need to work together when running around the posts in order to get the most out of each new batter. They are beginning to understand the importance of not blocking posts and running on when there are ‘no balls’ to take advantage of moving further around the pitch to free up second post in particular as a scoring hot spot. Many risks were taken during the match but a vast amount paid off to the team’s advantage.

A great performance girls and a super win as a whole squad effort!

Top Scorers: Orla (5 ½ ) , Rowan (3)

U11 vs LT2


Mrs J Scott Aiton, 25/05/2016