U11 Round Robin at Loretto

Wednesday 11th May 2016
Loretto – 9 Points
St. Mary’s – 7 Points
Belhaven Hill – 3 Points
Craigclowan – 3 Points
It was a busy afternoon of rounders in Musselburgh on Wednesday. We were set to play three quick 20 ball innings’ against each team and were up against Belhaven first, then Craigclowan and finally Loretto. Despite only being ten balls less, 20 balls is cause for very different tactics on both the batting and fielding side of play so it was a challenge for the girls to get their heads around at first.

The Belhaven match was a narrow win. We had the disadvantage of batting first having lost the toss and with no time to practise before the game began, the girls hadn’t got their eye in yet. With nothing on the score board yet and all but one of the St Mary’s girls having had their first ball, it was Tegan who managed a half rounder to kick things off. This was then followed by halves also from Jess, Isla, Lucy and a super risk by Freya’s runner, Orla, secured one more half on ball 20. Two more halves were awarded from no balls which ended the innings on 3 ½ rounders for St Mary’s. Belhaven had proved to be sound fielders and so the girls knew they would have to match them in order to prevent them scoring more than we had.

Our fielding was pretty sharp and the girls got a boost when they got the two batters out on her first balls. However, Belhaven had some good hitters and they managed two whole rounders which tested our fielders’ decision making and accurate throwing under pressure. Good decisions were made though and three more players were skilfully stumped out at 2nd post by the St  Mary’s team. It was a tense few final balls but Belhaven ended their 20 on a score of 3 rounders which meant we had won by a whisker!

Our match against Craigclowan was more of a convincing victory and the girls certainly gained confidence and composure as the game went on. We were able to field first with some slick precision and got Craigclowan out for just one and a half rounders. There were some super catches of high hits from Orla and Jess and super speedy, yet accurate passes between our deeps and posts to get as many players out as possible. Iona threw a particularly fantastic ball from a fair distance out past first post to Tegan on fourth post which was pivotal in getting the batter out.

On the batting front St Mary’s had certainly warmed up by this point and everyone managed to hit the ball at least once in order for us to score four and a half rounders in their twenty balls. Isla, Jess and Orla all managed full rounders and Rowan used her speed to get all the way around to fourth post despite not hitting the ball which got her a half rounder. Little tactics like this can make all the difference in a game and so it was great to see girls taking risks when they knew time was tight. Some risks, however, did not pay off so much and the eagerness to run, run, run saw four of our team stumped out at second post as they hankered for a half rounder. That said, the girls were in good spirits going into their final game against Loretto whom they had drawn with just the week before.

Loretto had also won against Belhaven and Craigclowan and so it was all to play for between us and them for who would win overall. We were to bat first and unfortunately in complete contrast to the game before, the girls were not able to connect bat to ball very much at all! Loretto had some sound fielders and even our attempts at being super speedy to run around all the posts to bag a half rounder were scuppered. By the end of the twenty balls we had only managed to score one and a half rounders which  would be a tough score to defend as Loretto stepped up to bat.

Loretto certainly were able to connect bat and ball very successfully and they racked up a plethora of full rounders. Our deeps Phoebe , Iona and Freya were kept very busy for the full twenty balls but the girls did managed to get 5 of the Loretto girls out which is commendable during a very tough innings. Loretto had equalled our rounder and a half by ball three but I was delighted to see that the team as a whole did not give up. They played on right until the final ball and were gracious in defeat to the better team on the day.

A fab afternoon of rounders by the Under 11’s. Well done to all on winning two out of your three matches.

Top Scorers: Orla (2), Jess and Isla (1 ½ )


Mrs J Scott Aiton, 25/05/2016