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This week F7 have embarked on a global experiment on UV protection, run by the Royal Society of Chemistry, called Mission Starlight. Pupils around the world are being asked to investigate how we can block harmful UV radiation, the aim being to use what we learn to design a space suit that will protect astronauts in space. Astronauts are at high risk from UV light because they live and work outside of the Earth’s protective ozone layer. This project holds a special meaning for St Mary’s pupils because of our connection to Dr Jim Reilly, who has talked to us about how harmful radiation can be for astronauts. You can find out more about Mission Starlight and see our results at: 

Choosing different fabrics to test

science 1
Checking for colour change in our UV-sensitive beads

science 2
Using the colour change guide and UV sun index


Mrs M Stuart, 19/05/2016

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