Under 10 v Longridge Towers School 

Wednesday 18th May
Longridge 11½   St. Mary’s 15
U10 Rounders 18th May 16

After a glorious road trip to cross the border, we arrived to be greeted by the Under 10 Captain and were escorted to the rounders field for a warm up before starting our match. 
We lost the toss and had to bat first, unfortunately it took some time to get into our “swing”.  Thankfully, the scoring soon started to take pace and we were quick to notch up lots of half rounders along with a few full rounders with some great batting and tactical thinking of how best to score.  A few players were unfortunately caught out nearer the end of the innings but we ended our batting with a commendable 7. 
When moving into fielding, we were slightly apprehensive as some people had not played in these positions before.  I was confident that our combinations and skill set would work – and it did!  The girls stumped out a few players with a lovely catch to get a batter out too!  There was some great fielding by everyone and quick thinking between backstop, bowler and 2nd post. 
For the second innings, we were leading by only one rounder so we had to keep working hard to increase the difference as much as possible.  The girls did not let me down and continued to hit the ball accurately (and in some cases with some distance!) and scored a very impressive 8 more rounders for our total. 
As Longridge took up their batting order, I was quietly confident we were going to be victorious but had to keep calm as everything can flip so quickly!  The St. Mary’s squad were on fire as they stumped out player after player as Longridge took chances to try to claw back some points.  Another batter was caught out and as players diminished in numbers, our back stop took the chance to stop play by stumping the batting box at ball 23 as there were not more batters waiting in line!
Well done to the team today
Bowler            Mhairi
Backstop         Molly S
1st post             Amelie/Eliza
2nd post            Eliza/Amelie
3rd post             Rosie
4th post             Libby
1st deep            Sumaiyah
2nd deep           Lara
3rd deep           Hannah F/Lucy
There is one more fixture this season at home next week, a triangular with Cargilfield and Loretto.                      
Mrs Wright

Zoe Wright, 18/05/2016