U9A v Mowdenn Hall

11th May 2016
The u9’s played host to Mowden Hall on Wednesday on a warm, sunny though at times blustery afternoon. Captain Ed won the toss again and this week elected to bat first in this 10 a side 5 pair match.

Ed himself along with Ollie de G opened the batting. Mowden bowled well here to keep St. Mary’s to only a wide. The next over proved as accurate for Mowden,  although a couple of singles were scored with  another wide  to tick the scoreboard over. However, no loss of wicket gave St. Mary’s a start of plus 6.
John and Stewart stepped in next. Bowling was still tight from Mowden although a couple of wides were conceded. John also got a good boundary, and good running between the wicket squeezed out a couple of singles. Again no loss of wicket helped move the home score onto 20.

The home pair of Alexander M and Geordie now came in. Once again Mowden’s bowling was tight. Only a wide ball prevented their first over being a wicket maiden. The 2nd over was equally tight,  though a couple of wides helped St. Mary’s as the bowlers in attempting to bowl quicker became more wayward. A good quick single helped things along as did making sure they didn’t lose another wicket. Well done.

Archie and Henry now took position at the crease. Both players found it hard to get the ball away as the bowling continued to prove accurate in the first over. On  wide being the sole scoring ball of the over. Again though as the bowlers attempted to increase the pace of their bowling in the 2nd over they leaked more wides to add to the home score. Both St. Mary’s boys got the ball away but good fielding prevented the shots being converted into runs. A big plus here was the boys didn’t lose a wicket and added plus 6 to the score and take it to 30.

The final pairing of the innings saw Mitchell and Josh come in for their 2 overs. Mowden had saved a good couple of bowlers until last. Mitchell faced first and found the bowling to be fast and straight. Unfortunately for St. Mary’s they lost 3 wickets in the over without scoring to knock back the total to 15. Although the 2nd bowler was still quick he wasn’t as straight and he gave away 3 wides which helped the home total. No further loss of wickets also helped matters as the innings closed with St. Mary’s ending up with 221 for 4.

The breeze was picking up as St. Mary’s started the 2nd innings. Ed and Alex again this week opened the bowling. Ed bowled a good length although a couple got away from him that went wide. However he prevented any scoring shots off the bat to get St. Mary’s off to a solid start. Alex found both batters big hitters as they helped themselves to 3 boundaries. A good start by Mowden saw them on 17 for no wicket.

Geordie and Josh came forward next. Geordie steadied the ship as he kept good line and length apart from 2 that got away from him that resulted in wides. However no runs off the bat and a wicket more than compensated! Josh then went on to give a great demonstration of accurate line and length bowling in delivering a maiden that further steadied the ship.

Ollie and Mitchell then came next. Ollie had a shaky start as he conceded a boundary and a wide in his first 2 balls. However he steadied himself and then followed up with 4 dot balls.  Mitchell bowled well despite 1 wide, and his final delivery brought a valuable wicket as it knocked back the Mowden total below St Mary’s at 20.

Archie J and Henry S stepped up next to bowl. Both bowlers took pace off their bowling to keep wides to a minimum. Their approach paid off. Only 1 wide each was bowled and no scoring shots between them. They gave the last 2 St. Mary’s bowlers a chance.

The final bowling pair saw John and Stewart come to the stumps. There was no room for error! John up first. He gave a great display of calm accurate bowling to take 2 vital wickets and no runs scored for a double wicket maiden. A great effort. Stewart next in the final over. Mowden could still very much win.

However Stewart bowled tight and only 4 runs were scored which resulted in St. Mary’s winning by 3 runs.

An exciting close match that could have gone either way was played out in good spirit by both sets of players. Well done all!


Mr A Rutherford, 16/05/2016