U9A and B Rounders

v Belhaven and Cargilfield
Wednesday 11th May 2016


It was a long drive to Cargilfield on Wednesday and when the U9 teams arrived the matched between Belhaven and Cargilfield were well under way. Emerging from the hot and stuffy bus the team had only a short amount of time to warm up and prepare for their match.

They were to play Belhaven first and the St Mary’s Captain Elena D G won the toss and elected to field first. Belhaven had already played one game, they ‘had their eye in’ and batted well providing St Mary’s with some excellent fielding practice. Initially St Mary’s, caught off guard, fielded badly but soon gained focus and started to prevent Belhaven from scoring full rounders.  The teams were only playing with 7 rather than 9 players and it was difficult to cover all the spaces. Emily D and Elsa fielded well on the left hand side of the pitch and Skye was able to stop a couple of shorter balls and stop Belhaven from scoring at second post. Freyja bowled consistently well and was able to make the batting difficult for the Belhaven team. Backstop Tiggy kept her eye on the ball and caught any balls missed by the batter. She worked well with Emily L at second post and with accurate throwing and catching they were able to stop rounders being scored. Belhaven’s final score was  6 ½ rounders.  It was St Mary’s turn to bat and again they got off to a slow start with only Freyja managing to hit the ball and score a rounder on the first bat. The second ball was much better and Skye scored one of her two rounders, as did Tiggy.  Emily L and Emily D both scored a credible half rounder.

At the end of the innings St Mary’s had scored 5 rounders. They were disappointed to hear that Belhaven and Cargilfield had agreed there would only be one innings and that was the end of the game. A loss to St Mary’s 5 – 6 ½ but a much improved performance by St mary’s compared to last week.
St Mary’s went straight on the play Cargilfield and this time had the advantage of ‘being in the swing of things’. Again lucky Elena DG won the toss and elected to field. Cargilfield had beaten Belhaven and judging by the fine batting at the start of the game were set to cause havoc for St Mary’s.  St Mary’s remained focussed and stopped a number of rounders being scored with some excellent fielding. They stumped one player out at a post and managed two fabulous catches. There was one amazing catch by Elsa in deep field when she jumped to reach the ball high over her head. She made contact with it and managed to hold on to the ball stopping a sure rounder. Cargilfield finished with 7 rounders.

St Mary’s turn to bat and suddenly everything fell in to place. Each batter faced three good balls and all the team were able to score at least a half a rounder, Elena DG hadn’t managed to get on the score board before but she hit well and scored two full rounders. Emily L scored a half rounder on her first hit and then spurred on by all the excellent hitting scored two full rounders. An excellent display of batting from the St Mary’s team who deservedly won the game 12 ½ - 7.

Great improvement girls. Tiggy, Freyja, Emily L, Elsa, Emily D, Skye and Elena.

Mrs H Rhodes


Mrs H Rhodes, 13/05/2016