U11B v Mowden Hall

Wednesday 11th May 2016

 U11B Cricket 11 May 3

Once again Mrs Letts and Mr Williams set off on a spectacular journey with the U11B squad to Mowden Hall. The sunshine helped to keep spirits up for the 4 hours of travelling there and back even though most of the team wouldn’t have noticed as they were too busy watching films and playing games on their electronic devices.

On arrival we were greeted by a team that was ready to play against us – a rare occasion for the U11B team. Their coach was Mr Morris who most of the boys knew and had been taught by, but this wasn’t going to impact our game as I quickly informed the boys he is now the enemy. St Mary’s were put into bat first and got going quickly with runs coming all over the field. The pitch was much larger than the one at Cargilfield but this was no obstacle for the lads who just seemed to hit the ball harder. After our 4 pairs had batted the 16 overs (4 each) we had reached a total of 116 with the subtractions made for wickets.

The turn-around was quick and in no time the Mowden boys were at the crease. They scored well in the first over and the boys were a little bit shaken up by it.

However, the second over produced 3 wickets and two runs giving them a total of -13 for that over and putting the overall total below zero as well! This was very reminiscent of an over at Cargilfield where a 3 wicket maiden was bowled and gave us the edge. After a couple of catches had been put down by some members trying to catch the ball with every other body part except from their hands, Mowden had caught up and were 1 run behind after the 11th over. The opposition needed 38 to win off the last 5 overs, a tough challenge as we had scored well towards the end of our innings. An over containing five runs and a wicket went by which cancels out to zero runs ( a forgiving maiden). This made the task for Mowden much harder and when a genuine maiden over was bowled on the 15th over the opposition needed 28 to win off the last over, very unlikely in all levels of the game. We could have just bowled 6 wides and won the game but a good scoring over for the opposition, although not enough to win, made the St Mary’s boys look very polite as we eased to the close with a 15 run lead and a victory!

Match tea shortly followed and the boys sat back and relaxed, basking in their victory and remaining the only boy’s cricket team to still be unbeaten this season for St Mary’s (I think). Another great result and a great day for the U11 B lads, they are already eagerly awaiting the next challengers!
Mr Williams


Mr R Williams, 12/05/2016