2nd Rounders   

v Belhaven and Cargilfield at St. Mary's
Wednesday 11th May 2016
Triangular Tournament

2nd Rounders 11 May

Captain: Naesi
It was a beautiful sunny afternoon in Melrose, perfect for a triangular tournament with Belhaven Hill and Cargilfield. St Mary’s were first up batting today in their first match against Belhaven Hill. In the last few weeks the fielding amongst the girls has significantly improved; however, this week the batting also improved, which was great to see!
Since there were three matches to be played this afternoon, each game was only one innings. St. Mary’s scored 5.5 rounders. Belhaven Hill were then up batting. St Mary’s showed tight fielding and perseverance, thus resulting in a win -final score = 4.5-5.5.
The second match of the afternoon was against Cargilfield. St. Mary’s had an advantage as they watched the Belhaven Hill v Cargilfield game before playing them, which gave them a rest and the opportunity to observe their play. St. Mary’s batted first and did an awesome job.  There were very few missed balls and lots of points being scored. This resulted in the girls finishing with a score of 8. Some more excellent fielding ensued another win for St Mary’s with a final score of 3.5-8!
Therefore  the girls won the triangular;their enthusiasm and improvement is to be commended. Very proud, well done girls!


Miss Emily Reynolds
GAP Student/Coach

Miss E Reynolds, 11/05/2016