1st Rounders 

v Belhaven and Cargilfield at St. Mary's
Wednesday 11th May 2016

St.Mary’s-5: Belhaven-8
St.Mary’s-4: Cargilfield-6
Belhaven-8: Cargilfield-5

1st Rounders 11 May

A super afternoon to welcome our friends to St. Mary’s; the sun was peeking over the Eildons and the pitches were immaculate.

First up we batted against Belhaven; we knew their fielding was strong as we watched them win the U13 tournament last week. However we hadn’t anticipated having 2 of our players caught out on their first balls and another 3 being caught out before marking the score sheet! Our only scorers were Cameron with 2 full rounders, Lucy B with 1 full and 1 x ½, Flora 1x ½ and 1 courtesy of no balls. A total of 5 was going to be fairly easy to beat.

Belhaven’s strength in batting came from collecting halves at 2nd post; it actually was not until ball 24 that they knew they had beaten us. Stephanie led by example in the field and took the first catch, Lucy R, much to her delight and amazement caught player 4 on her second strike. Belhaven managed only one full rounder to our 3 but their many halves saw us beaten by 8 rounders to 5.

Belhaven then beat Cargilfield by 8 rounders to 5.

Against Cargilfield we did not fare much better with players being caught or stumped at 1st. Before we knew it we were relying on Louisa and the two Lucys. They gave it their all with Louisa scoring the only full rounder of the innings. Lucy and Lucy, despite big hits, quite rightly chose to play it safe and went for the halves-Lucy R x 3, Lucy B x 2 and Louisa x1. After 30 good balls we had just 4 rounders.

Once again we fielded well with good work between Flora and Cameron at backstop and first-they put out 3 players at 1st and this time Cameron took a catch from a backwards hit. Although tight we were not quite accurate enough and Cargilfield ran in 6 rounders.

A shame to lose both matches but we did have a lovely afternoon in good company.





photos Mrs H

Mrs F Bell, 11/05/2016