Farr Out Challenge 2016

Sponsored by George F. White
Saturday 7th May
This year’s Farr Out Challenge was the 7th Farr Out Challenge but the first to be sponsored by George F White, a land, property and business specialist operating from the borders of Scotland to North Lincolnshire. Teams from across the region came and enjoyed the plethora of activities on offer, from the Torture Chamber, marshmallow constructions and zorbing, to orienteering and team challenges run by Lt. Cameron Dickie from 1 Scots based in Edinburgh.

Sandwiched between two of the warmest days in May, a cold, dense mist did its best to put a dampener on proceedings but we stayed dry and the children made the most of the exciting activities. New to the programme this year was the marshmallow tower building run by the George F White team. Children were given two bags of marshmallows and a bag of spaghetti and following a Youtube demonstration, had 20 minutes to build a tower, the winning team being the team who built the tallest tower. I think one or two marshmallows never made it a far as the tower stage but after much fun and enjoyment, St. Peter’s were crowned marshmallow tower champions!

Lt. Dickie and his troops took charge of two activities, Towers of Hanoi and Toxic Waste. These demanded a measured and calculated approach from teams, testing physical and mental stamina. Morebattle Primary and Fettes topped the leader board here.

As the teams all assembled for the finale, it was clear there was very little to separate them. The finale required the teams to transport balls and an egg across an obstacle course, without of course breaking the egg. Compass were the first team to successfully get all their balls and their egg across the course so they picked up the prize for the finale.

All scores were then tallied and quite incredibly 12 teams had tied in 3rd equal place; Lilliesleaf Primary, Tweedbank Primary A & Tweedbank Primary B, Stow Primary, St, Peter’s Primary, St. Mary’s Green and St. Mary’s Gold, Ednam Primary, Melrose Primary, Fettes, Morebattle Primary & Channelkirk Primary.

Longridge claimed the runners up shield which meant for the first time, Compass were crowned Farr Out Champions. Mr Andrew Entwistle & Miss Jessica Card from George F White kindly presented the medals and trophies.

A huge thank you to all the St. Mary’s children who came and helped to host our visitors and also to the St. Mary’s staff for their enthusiasm and energy in helping to run the day.  Also, a final thank to George F White for their kind and generous sponsorship of this year’s Farr Out Challenge.

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Mr Purvis

Jules Birdsall, 09/05/2016