U9 A Cricket v Cargilfield

4th May 2016
The U9’s entertained Cargilfield on Wednesday on a chilly, windy but dry afternoon.
St. Mary’s won the toss and elected to bat first this week. John and Stewart opened, and in the first of the 8 ball overs got St. Mary’s off to a good start making 8 runs including a boundary for no loss of wicket.
Both boys continued to look to attack, but as the visiting bowlers tried to up their pace they became more erratic and conceded wides. The loss of a wicket off the last ball however resulted in a score of 11 runs.
Ed and Ollie came in next. Again 8 runs were scored off the first over including a good Ollie boundary. Good running and another boundary kept the score moving along, but again the loss of another wicket off their last ball pegged them back.
3rd pair in was Alex and Geordie. Some wayward bowling conceded wides to St. Mary’s but this made getting bat on ball difficult. However, the next over provided straighter bowling and the chance to hit out. 13 off the over including 2 boundaries from Geordie pushed the score along. No loss of wicket further helped their score.
Mitchell and Josh finished off the innings. Good tight bowling made it difficult to score for the home boys but good running still got 3 runs off the over. The final over was a little wayward from the bowlers, but a good couple of strikes kept the score moving. St. Mary’s ended up 255 for 2.
Better batting was evident this week with the ball kept down more to avoid offering as many catches. Keep working on louder and quicker calling when running between the wickets though!
Ed opened the bowling with Alex. Ed started and from the off kept a tight line. 4 dot balls helped to keep the attack minded batters at bay. Ed then took a wicket after conceding a boundary. Alex then started with a wide then a boundary, but to his credit then only lost 1 run off his next 6! Well done both.
Geordie and Josh took over. Good line and length by Geordie kept the scoring to singles. He was then rewarded for this by taking 2 wickets with his last 2 balls. Josh followed up dot balls or singles only apart from 1 good hit to the boundary. Good straight bowling boys, well done.
Next up Ollie and Mitchell. Ollie did well to keep scoring to 2 singles off his first 6 balls but tried too hard in his last 2 as he pulled them wide. But still a good effort. Mitchell followed up with a wicket first ball! He then kept good length to minimise scoring apart from 1 boundary. A good point to remember here boys; use hands to field not feet!
Finally it was John and Stewart to bowl. John bowled with good pace and kept scoring to singles, or bowled dot balls. It was only his last ball that resulted in a boundary but before that he took a good wicket. Stewart bowled tightly after his first ball was a wide. Scoring was kept to a single and he then took a wicket. Again, well done both!
Final score was 222 for 6. Well done both teams for playing in good spirit and with enthusiasm despite the cold!


Mr A Rutherford, 09/05/2016