U11 Rounders vs Loretto

Wednesday 4th May 2016
St Mary’s 11 – Loretto 11

U11 v Loretto 5 May

The Under 11’s were delighted at the news that Mr P had managed to arrange them a fixture for this week having thought they weren’t playing one, so they had been busy out practising their throwing, batting and catching at break times.

Loretto were to bat first and put in a solid performance for their first innings scoring 7 rounders. However, the St Mary’s fielders got off to a brilliant start by using their “magic triangle” of bowler, backstop and 1st post to full effect and got the first batter out on the first ball. This tactic worked twice more throughout the first innings and five more times in Loretto’s second batting innings which proved to be a key influence on the lower score of 4 rounders in that innings.

The girls also tried their very best to take a few catches from high hits, although there was a few cases of butter fingers. However, the effort was there which is great to see. Remember girls, make a basket to catch the ball and not crocodile hands! All in all, there were some really good decisions made by the team when the pressure was on to field some big hits. There is still room for improvement but certainly the fielding was a lot slicker this week than last and the girls demonstrated during our team talks that they could pick out where the errors in their play were which is a great benefit going forward in order to become better players.

On the batting side, our two innings’ were like chalk and cheese. It would be fair to say there were some hasty and risky decisions made in the first innings which resulted in four of our batters getting out on their first ball, then two more got out on their second ball! Consequently, that left just three batters for sixteen balls and we only had two and a half rounders on the score board. That said these three heroines of the innings managed to rack up five rounders between them and use up all sixteen balls due to their sheer determination to keep on running, even on the balls that they did not hit. They certainly were in need of a breather by the end of the innings and the rest of the team gave them a well-deserved pat on the back for equalling Loretto’s score. The way that the team pulled together to support the girls left in was really fantastic. They were communicating well and giving advice on when to run or stop and generally, showing a concerted team effort which is what being part of a team sport is all about.

St Mary’s second batting innings in contrast was somewhat uneventful. Loretto were upping their fielding and getting the ball to the bowler pretty pronto which meant we were made to block bases. A couple of super hits created the opportunity for two full rounders which were duly scored but as the balls kept coming, it was getting a bit touch and go as to whether we’d score enough to draw, let alone win. Luck was certainly on our side and due to a full rounder being scored from no balls by Loretto, St Mary’s finished the innings on four rounders which meant it was eleven apiece for the two teams.

If we can keep up the concentration levels and get the little things right, the girls will be sure to keep going from strength to strength. Don’t take risks on your first ball but at the same time, don’t become complacent when on a post. Take the opportunities that are going to benefit the team and encourage each other when things are not necessarily going our way. An excellent draw girls. Let’s look ahead to next week and work on getting a win!

Top scorer: Orla (3½ )

Mrs J Scott Aiton


Mrs J Scott Aiton, 05/05/2016