Scottish Prep Schools Clay Pigeon Shooting

Thursday 5th May 2016
clay pigeon shooting 1

The team: Freddie, George and Samuel.
By kind invitation from Strathallan School, we returned to Perthshire for the annual Scottish Prep Schools Clay Pigeon Championships. Having shot at the same event last year, the boys had a rough idea of the format of the day, prior knowledge that we hoped might stand them in good stead. Alas, following a delicious lunch, we arrived at their Shooting Academy to find that the layout was entirely different and the gusty conditions added further challenges to the event.
The format was each team member fired at 5 targets from 4 different stands, some single targets, some came as a pair and others on report (the second clay is flung when the first shot is fired). The targets were a mix of crossers, dippers, springers and even bouncers! They were challenging to say the least!
George was called first and he shot with one member of each of the other teams. It took George one or two shots to find his rhythm, but before long he was keeping up with the best of them and hit 8 extremely hard targets. This got our team off to a great start.
Samuel was called next and he started brilliantly, dusting all 5 of his clays on the first stand. One or two then got past him but he found form again and was by far the most accurate of the group that he was shooting with. Following on from George’s good start, Samuel scored an impressive 11 which we thought might have challenged for the High Gun prize.
Freddie was last to shoot for the team and shot very well indeed. Not many escaped him, in fact, as with Samuel, he too cleared one of the stands. Freddie shot very consistently across all the stands, so it was no surprise to discover when they had finished that he was tied in first place with one of the boys from Riley, scoring an incredible 14. This meant that there had to be a shoot out to see who was going to claim the High Gun prize. In the shoot out, both boys missed their first target, whereupon Freddie hit 1 from the next pair, his opponent hit both. The next clays were tough and managed to get past Freddie and his nemesis from Riley hit one of them, which secured him the title. What a tremendous effort though and a very exciting conclusion to the afternoon.
Back at tea, the High Gun prize was duly awarded to Archie from Riley. Then came the announcement for the team prize and much to the delight of the boys (and adults) team St. Mary’s were declared winners. The boys had managed second place last year, so to go one better this time around was fantastic! So, very well done to all three boys and many thanks to Strathallan for another great afternoon’s sport.
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clay pigeon shooting



Mr I Purvis, 05/05/2016