Form 6 visit Melrose Abbey

Today Form 6 walked over to Melrose Abbey to explore the life of a medieval monk.  We were able to appreciate the grand scale of the complex, the design of a typical medieval church, and the skill and the wealth of the sculpted decoration, including a pig playing bagpipes visible from the top of the tower.  We imagined what it must have been like to come down from the dormitories for the first prayers of the day in the chilly darkness before dawn and enjoyed seeing Mr Brown trying on a white Cistercian habit.  Most of form 6  agreed that they would not have liked to be a monk very much!   

Many thanks to Mrs Bell and Mr Brown who accompanied us, and Historic Scotland who facilitated our visit. It was an enjoyable way to bring to life our study of the Medieval Church on our very own doorstep.

abbey visit 5

Abbey visit

abbey visit 2

abbey visit 3

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Miss Ellis



Miss Ellis, 05/05/2016