U11A Cricket v Cargilfield

Venue: Cargilfield
4th May 2016

U11 cricket v Cargilfield

Lost by 7 wickets

A windy but sunny day welcomed the lads to Cargilfield and onto a medium wicket (a little bit of bounce!).

Cargilfield won the toss and chose to field first. Will and Tommy opened the batting. Both started strong with many 4’s and singles being hit but Tommy eventually got bowled for 7 runs from a very good bowl. Frederick came in and hit a very respectable 9 before also getting bowled on middle. Our foot movement was just not good enough today. Will was staying in and doing very well but after hitting 31 runs he eventually got bowled too but a very good score and Will will only build on it next match. Otto hit a solid 5 runs but unfortunately got caught by a very good catch. Alexander then got caught as well. William and Antony both again got bowled from some very strong overs from Cargilfield and as the overs moved towards 20, it was left for Oliver and Mac to try and get the run rate higher and eventually St Mary’s finished with 68 runs.

After a hearty tea, St Mary’s eagerly took to the field to try and protect their score.

U11 cricket v Cargilfield 3

One wicket came from a brilliant catch my Jamie – relaxed and controlled. Another wicket came after a great catch from Frederick that went over his head – some great coordination on show! Otto got the other 2 wickets, one an LBW on middle stump and the other, a clean bowl on leg stump. A great effort but alas was not enough in 20 overs to stop Cargilfield hitting 69 runs with 5 overs remaining.

U11 cricket v Cargilfield 5

Next job lads. We are getting more experienced every time we play. If we get the little things right, the big things will happen far more effectively. Foot movement, concentration, decision making, walking in.


Mr R E Mill, 05/05/2016