U10 Rounders v Loretto 

Wednesday 4th  May 
St Mary’s 15, Fettes 4
Captain - Libby

U10 Rounders v Loretto May 16

I was delighted with our effort and skill today on our fixture against Loretto and it proved to be a wonderful display of accurate passing, strong batting and fantastic team work in fielding.  

MARIA skilful backstop who impressively caught a player out in the 1st innings.  A tactical thinker with good hand-eye co-ordination and gave good advice to others (4½)
MHAIRI - able to run and retrieve the ball at a very fast pace, Mhairi was a great 2nd Deep today (2½)
ANNA - a very consistant batter who watches carefully and accurately passes from 1st post to bowler and beyond (½)
HANNAH – confident and accurate bowler who communicates well with the team (½)
AMELIE – quick and effective at 2nd post and was a valuable member of the squad today with her quick thinking (3) 
MOLLY – kept busy at 3rd post and displayed good catching skills and made good choices on where to pass the ball onto (1½)
ROSIE – displayed great forward thinking to stump her post at 4th to get out players and showed great commitment to the team
LIBBY – worked hard on her batting technique and scored an impressive rounder to end the match on the final ball (1) 
SUMAIYAH – good batting today with some good attempts to score (1½)

Huge congratulations to the team today for a very well deserved winning score.  

Thank you to Mrs Scott for helping with transport today.  

U10 Rounders v Loretto May 16


Zoe Wright, 04/05/2016