U11B Cricket   

v Cargilfield
Wednesday 5th May 2016

Photographs from today's match courtesy of Mrs Letts. 

U11 cricket v Cargilfield 2

U11 cricket v Cargilfield 4

After a rowdy bus journey up to Cargilfield, Mrs Letts and Mr Williams were ready to unleash the U11B team onto enemy territory. We seemed to catch the opposition unaware as they only had one pitch set out for the A team and were only expecting the A team. I thought this was going to be the second game in a row where the U11B’s or ‘social members of the A team’ were denied a match. This was not the case as we then challenged Cargilfield to select their ‘best of the rest’ 10 man squad and in no time at all a coach and 10 players were assembled. Due to the fact that the playing area had been squeezed into an area the size of a tennis court, we were in for a high scoring game……for some. Kwick cricket (a more forgiving, soft ball, type of cricket) is the game which the U11B’s specialise in and this means each batting pair faces 4 overs, so with five pairs in each team the scene was set for a thrilling 20/20.

St. Mary’s team were put into bat first and it didn’t look good after the first over as we made a loss and were on minus 2 runs (only possible in kwick cricket due to a wicket being -5 runs). However, the lads started to get their eyes in and began to hit a few boundaries. One side of the boundary was about as short as the wicket and some quality runs came when one of the opposition attempted to field the ball but ended up kneeing it for 4 runs. As the pairs swapped every 4 overs, wickets seemed to decrease and runs became plentiful. This led to some members getting bored of watching and start betting on the company of the next plane which would fly over our head every 10 minutes. St Mary’s finished on 122 runs with all the subtractions made for the wickets which put is a good position going into the field.

Each player also bowled 2 overs each so everyone got fulling involved in batting and bowling. The start of the bowling attack can only be described as good for the batting side, but this soon slowed as they bowled their second overs and had got their arms moving. A few wickets had fallen before the 8th over when the turning point in the match came. The first three balls resulted in a hatrick of wickets and the last three were dot balls giving Cargilfield a score of minus 15 runs for that over. The U11B’s bowling attack remained strong and was helped by the occasional plane passing overhead, creating a large gusts of wind which would cause the ball to swing violently from a potential wide ball to hit the off stump.

Cargilfield finished on 57 with all the wickets subtracted and so a comfortable win of 65 runs was recorded as the first result for the U11B’s challenger’s season of 2016. I thoroughly enjoyed the approach of turning up and challenging the recipient school an unexpected match and I think this tactic could be in use in the future. The lads had a great day with everyone scoring runs and almost everyone getting a wicket or 4. It was a great day and a great result, we look forward to our game next week against Mowden Hall who have said they have a team ready so we will have to have a rethink on our tactics.

Mr R Williams


Jules Birdsall, 04/05/2016