1st Rounders vs Mowden Hall    

Wednesday 27th April 2016
St. Mary’s -5 ½ : Mowden Hall-10
Captain: Stephanie

1st Rounders 27 April 16

In common with most fixtures in Scotland we were visited by all 4 seasons over the course of an hour; this certainly made for an interesting match!

Stephanie took to the field as batter 1 and despite a great hit was desperately unlucky to be stumped at 4th post-this was an early indication of just what we were up against. Flora was first on the score sheet this week collecting a full rounder on her first ball. Halves followed from Lucy B, Molly (x2), Millie and Lucy R for reaching 2nd post. Such was the accuracy of the Mowden fielders that the rest of our players were either caught out or stumped at 1st/2nd post. After 30 good balls we had 3 ½ rounders.

Our first shot at fielding took the opposition by surprise and it took until ball 9 for them to collect a ½ rounder. Tight work and good cover put out batters 1, 8 and 9 at 2nd post and a catch from Cameron put out batter 4. 2 x full and another 4x ½ gave Mowden 4 ½ after 30 balls. At this point we were certainly still in the game…!

Despite some cracking hits from our girls we just could not get onto the score sheet-Mowden’s fielding was superb, possibly the best I’ve seen, and they were determined not to let us score. Much to the delight of her team mates Annabel made it on to the score sheet this week with a full rounder, from a mis-fielded ball. With only 3 players left in, only 1 rounder scored and with 8 balls to go things were pretty dire. Molly, quite rightly, ran on  a no ball, a second no-ball to Lucy B earned us a much need ½ and another ½ came from Lucy B for reaching 2nd. Ball 30 and we had only 2 rounders and a total of 5 ½.

As we went in to field the snow started to fall-it was a slightly surreal atmosphere and certainly not one that was conducive to good play. We had a few slap-stick moments as the St. Mary’s girl’s slipped and tripped and generally did not manage to keep hold of the ball (though Molly did catch batter 5!) As Mowden ran in the rounders 1xfull and 9x ½ it became clear that we had been beaten ;Mowden’s total was now 10 to our 5 ½ .

I cannot fault the effort of any member of the team today-they were beaten by incredibly strong fielders and we will learn from them!


Mrs F Bell, 28/04/2016