U11 Rounders vs Mowden Hall

Wednesday 27th April 2016
St Mary’s 13 – Mowden Hall 18
What a crazy afternoon weather wise! Glorious sunshine to begin with and a freezing snow shower to end. The diverse weather conditions certainly kept the teams on their toes this week.
The St Mary’s girls were into bat first and they had a bit of a tough time in the first innings initially, as the Mowden girls were quick to get the ball back to bowler when it was missed. This meant that the girls were constantly base-blocking as they were unable to run on. However, things did pick up and they managed some big hits and got a respectable 6 rounders from the first innings. In the second innings their batting continued to improve and the girls were ruthless with their running between the bases to ensure they didn’t block second post from the oncoming batter. Some super big hits ensured some excellent full rounders and the team got another 7 rounders out of their 30 balls.
On the fielding side, there were definite improvements from last week. Some great decisions from the girls out deep behind 3rd post (Mowden’s hitting hot spot) resulted in stopping the opposition at 2nd post and preventing a full rounder being scored on occasions. Some superb catches were also made from high hits that the girls can be very proud of. In the first innings Mowden got 7 ½ rounders but for 27 balls as the St Mary’s team managed to get all of the opposition out which was a brilliant effort. However, the St Mary’s girls knew the pressure would be on in the second innings to try and stop Mowden getting over 5 ½ rounders. The weight of this was rather heavy on their shoulders and as the half rounders kept coming for Mowden, panicked looks appeared on their faces (or it might have been due to the snow that was suddenly falling!) and some errors were made. Mowden ended their second innings with 10 ½ rounders, giving them a convincing and well deserved win.
The more the girls play and get used to the varied situations that can occur during a rounders match the easier it will become to make good decisions when under pressure. Experience counts for a lot and so we’ll go forward focusing on preparing for such occasions. Nevertheless, a huge improvement, especially on the batting side of the game from the U11’s. Well done girls. Never, never, never give up!
Top Scorers: Jess (4) and Lucy (3 ½)


Mrs J Scott Aiton, 28/04/2016