U11 Rounders vs Fettes

Wednesday 20th April 2016
St Mary’s 10 ½ - Fettes 12 ½
U11 vs Fettes 20 April 16

What a glorious afternoon of sunshine we had for the U11’s first rounders match of the season. The sunshine certainly had everyone in good spirits as the game began.
The St Mary’s team showed good promise in their fielding throughout the match. They managed to prevent any score from Fettes until ball 10 in the first innings, despite their opponents showing they could hit the ball very well. Good decision making is key and it was great to see certain team members making excellent calls to their teammates in order to direct the team’s fielding in the right direction. As the match went on, inevitably the girls got more and more accurate with their throwing and catching which resulted in getting players out at 2nd post on 6 occasions and 3 being caught out too. However, some lessons have been learnt about not passing the ball round the bases to try and chase a batter out as this inevitably slows the fielding down and can easily result in misfielding. Also, getting the ball back to the bowler is often the safest option in order to stop any further scoring if a batter is beyond 2nd post. All these little errors are easily fixed with practise, practise, practise and no doubt as the season goes on, the creases will get ironed out.
On a batting front, the girls were good at looking ahead and getting as far round as they could with each bat they had. Although, there was a tendency to stall before running out of the batting box which was eventually the team’s comeuppance in the second innings as 4 girls were stumped out at first post. Over the two innings’ there was a good smattering of half rounders and four full rounders which caused great excitement amongst the home crowd. Sometimes, excitement can take over and sadly on a couple of occasions, half rounders had been secured by getting past 2nd post but in all the elation of the moment, the players in question got stumped out at 3rd and 4th post as they kept on running. Keeping a cool head is vital.
Every half rounder count in this sport and certainly that is something the girls will learn to focus on as the season progresses. If the girls can bag as many half rounders as they can and keep them safe by not running on unnecessarily, that can make all the difference to the final score. Already the team are beginning to hit the ball a lot more so here’s hoping that they can go from strength to strength and score plenty of full rounders too. Keep up the good work team!
Top Scorer: Rowan (2 ½)


Mrs J Scott Aiton, 27/04/2016