U10 Rounders v Fettes

Wednesday 20th April 
St Mary’s 14, Fettes 9

U10 Rounders 20 April

Captain – Anna
For our first fixture of the season we were on home turf on a beautiful sunny spring afternoon.  After a quick warm up, we won the toss and decided to field first. 
1st innings
As we got in position in fielding I was delighted to see some great team work with lots of quick thinking and good communication helped along with accurate throwing and passing.    Hannah C showed her skill as a steady and confident bowler and with some quick thinking from Maria as backstop, they proved to be a strong duo.  With Mhairi at 2nd post, the squad were able to stump bases quickly to get some players out. 
We swapped after 30 good balls and were quick to clock up lots of half rounders with some fabulous hitting and running to 2nd post.  I was delighted to see everyone score – a great team effort!!
2nd innings
Our deep fielders, Molly S, Eliza and Rosie demonstrated good ball skills as they passed the ball to help  get Fettes players out.  Anna, Molly C and Amelie should also be congratulated on their skills receiving the ball and effectively stumping out 5 players!! 
Back into batting and we knew we only had to get 1½ rounders to win the match and we were quick to get scoring,  Our commitment continued as we scored more and more to take a very impressive lead. 
Scoring today
Molly C –                    2½
Hannah C –                 1         
Molly S –                    ½
Mhairi –                       1
Maria –                        2
Amelie –                      1½
Anna –                        1
Rosie –                        3½
Eliza -                          1½
Well done to all the girls today, a superb start to the season!   
A huge thank you to our supporters today - thank you for your encouragement! 

 U10 Rounders 20 April 2


Mrs Z Wright, 22/04/2016