U9A Cricket V Fettes A

Wednesday 20th April 2016
U9 cricket

The U9 boys travelled to Edinburgh on Wednesday afternoon for the customary opening practice match of the season with Fettes.

On a glorious mid spring day the hosts offered St. Mary’s the choice to bat or field first, and they elected for the latter.

The boys have so far concentrated much on bowling recently looking to keep line and length and that was evident in the match. The concession of wides and no-balls was low, although there is still room for improvement to lower this further.

There was a good spread of wicket takers throughout the innings as 6 out of 8 bowlers took a wicket which was good to see. Most of these wickets were catches which was also good to see as the boys again had put practise time in on their catching at Games.

The end of the home innings saw them end up on 219 (you start on 200) for 8 wickets.

St. Mary’s then had their turn to bat and they scored runs well through the innings with all pairings. Calling and running between the wickets was quite good
and we didn’t have a run out. This again was worked on by the boys in both games leading up to the match and payed dividends, although there is still more that we can do to improve on this. Backing up by the non-striker was at times good but was a little too inconsistent so work required here! However there was a spread of boundaries throughout the innings with 6 players managing at least one. The loss of only 1 wicket was pleasing as well as helping to keep the total up.

For the record St Mary’s ended up on 275 for 1, but more pleasing was the good start made in many areas. Hopefully each cricket outing will be as glorious weather wise as Wednesdays!

Mr A Rutherford


Mr A Rutherford, 22/04/2016