U9A and B Rounders v Fettes

Wednesday 20th April 2016
What a glorious afternoon for the start of the Rounders season.

It was Fettes second day of the term and with little time to organise their team we decided it would be a good idea, to use the session as a coaching game and to enable all the girls to play for the whole match.

Both teams quickly settled into their games in fielding positions. They demonstrated some sound catching and throwing and made excellent decisions when choosing who to throw the ball to. The bowlers delivered some accurate balls and St Mary’s lost very few half rounders for ‘no balls’. St Mary’s batting was also consistent and they were able to score both half and full rounders with many of the girls making contact between bat and ball.

St Mary’s have got off to a very promising start. The B’s were unlucky to lose by half a rounder 10 – 101/2. And the A’s won their game 71/2 - 41/2. Here’s hoping the potential and the warm weather continue.

Mrs H Rhodes


Mrs H Rhodes, 22/04/2016