2nd Rounders v Fettes 

Wednesday 20th April 2016

Captain: Jess K
2nd rounders v fettes April 16

It was a beautiful day as the sun shone over the rounders pitches at Fettes College. The seconds team were very pro-active getting straight into a warm up without any direction at all. The team was short one player and therefore were joined by a pupil from Fettes. It was fantastic to see how welcoming and mature the girls were towards their new team mate.
The match began with St. Mary’s batting first. It was a great display of enthusiasm and determination towards the game, resulting in a couple of rounders for St. Mary’s. However, the girls were beaten by Fettes in the first inning due to a downfall in their fielding. Although the girls were trying their best individually, communication between players was lacking alongside some fumbling of the ball. Subsequently, the girls were beaten 3.5-8 to Fettes in the first innings.
Despite this score, the girls got up and continued to persist into the second innings. Consequently, St. Mary’s improved in the second half of the game.
Unfortunately, the girls lost with a final score of 13-24 to Fettes. They were each very positive about the situation, recognising room for improvement. The ending wasn’t all disappointment as the team enjoyed a great match tea provided by Fettes that definitely lifted sprits.
Bring on next week!
Miss E Reynolds


Miss E Reynolds, 22/04/2016