1st Rounders v Fettes

Wednesday 20th April
Captain: Stephanie

1st Rounders 20th April

A glorious afternoon for the first rounders match of the season-Fettes was bathed in sunshine and their pitches, though softer than usual, were in good condition.

Stephanie took her team in to bat and led from the front with her first rounder; this was followed by halves for reaching 2nd from Lucy B, Mille and Molly and another full from Flora. All girls managed to hit the ball on their first strike though Annabel was unlucky to aim her shot to first post and was consequently stumped out. Second strikes saw Cameron reach 2nd for a half with both Flora and Molly doing the same. Gaining in confidence and losing initial nerves, the third round of strikes saw Louisa gain a ½ for obstruction and then ½ for reaching 2nd all from the same ball; Lucy B collected another ½ for reaching 2nd. Stephanie finished the innings as she had begun with another full rounder and Louisa was our final scorer on ball 27 with another ½ for reaching 2nd post. After 30 balls we had 7 ½ rounders.

1st Rounders 20th April 2

Despite having had only one real practice and so still experimenting with fielding positions I was delighted with the girl’s performance in this first innings. Batter 3 was stumped at 1st then the same fate befell batter 5 at 2nd post. We were fielding tightly and managed to halt all but one full rounder. A couple of halves snuck in from our obstruction and 2x no balls, Annabel made a super catch and we then put batter 6 out at 3rd, batter 8 out at 2nd and batter1 at 1st. Fettes were left with just 4 players; these 4 managed runs to 2nd for halves but were not being afforded the luxury of reaching 4th post. Fettes had scored 6 ½ by ball 30.

Fettes had rearranged their fielders as we came in to bat for a second time-they knew where our girls were likely to hit! Stephanie ran to 2nd for a ½ and Cameron was awarded a ½ for 2 no balls, Flora was caught out and Lucy R stumped at 1st post-down to 7 players the girls were a little more hesitant. With her second strike Stephanie planted the ball in to the outfield and delighted her team with a full rounder, Cameron and Lucy B followed suite with big hits and reached 2nd for ½ each. Despite making contact with the ball our hits were being well fielded and the girls were unable to take advantage. Louisa and Cameron scored in the 3rd round of hits, Cameron a full and Lousia a ½. Molly was unlucky to be caught on a backwards hit and with only 4 balls left the girls knew they had to take risks. Stephanie again scored a full on her final ball, Cameron got to 2nd for ½ and was then obstructed for another ½ .Lucy B concluded our innings with a ½ for no balls and a ½ for reaching 2nd post. Tallying up, our score was again 7 ½ and thus a total of 15.

Fettes definitely came out more confident in their second innings; most of them were now hitting the ball and although we put batter 3 out at 2nd we were not quite as accurate as in the first innings. This time Fettes gained 3 full rounders and ran in many more halves than previously. After 30 balls and having lost just one player they had 10 ½ and a combined score of 17.

Despite losing by 2 rounders the team have a great deal to take away from this performance-they won the first innings and played very well throughout the match. A really pleasing start-very well done to all of you.

1st Rounders 20th April 3


Mrs F Bell, 21/04/2016