Young Entrepreneur Competition

Julia Wailes-Fairbairn from TRI Cap contacted St Mary’s regarding a possible Young Entrepreneur initiative. We decided this was an ideal project for Form 7.

The pupils started working on their enterprise ideas over the Christmas holidays. They have dedicated every Form Time, and mornings before lessons start, to completing these projects. Given the limited amount of time available during the school day, much of the work has been completed in their free time at home.

Julia has provided the children with valuable input regarding types of projects, and together with Paul Yuskaitis, has helped the children to finalise the content and delivery of their presentations. Huge thanks must go to TRI Cap for bringing this initiative into St Mary’s and giving the children the opportunity to briefly experience the workings of the business world.

I have been immensely pleased with the effort that every member of the class has applied to this programme, and blown away by the level of creative thinking.

The children have worked to three keys principles:

  • People buy people first
  • A great idea will remain just that unless you can sell it
  • Perception is all there is

The projects were as follows:

The Gym Generator - Wilfie
L&M Drone Roof & Building Inspectors - Lachlan and Muaz
H&H Wood Co - Hamish G and Hamish M
Freshguard - Harris
Feminine Fixers - Eloise, Sasha and Chloe-Marie
Snowzie - Rudi and Thomas M
Mouldable Case - Naesi and Georgia
Fast Focus - Abbie and Cameron
Steaming Goggles - Anna S and Louisa
Super Sonic Screen - Millie and Jess K
Elpies - Joseph and Liam

Young Entrepreneurs March 16

Judges Paul Yuskaitis, Kathy Kinder and Chief Judge, Paul Murray, listened to the eleven different presentations before complimenting all of their business ideas and singling out eventual winners, Joseph and Liam, for their ‘Elpies’, a pencil protector and fiddle mechanism. 

1st - Joseph and Liam – Elpies
2nd - Lachlan and Muaz - L&M Drone Roof & Building Inspectors
3rd - Anna S and Louisa - Steaming Goggles
Special mention to: Wilfie - The Gym Generator and Millie and Jess K - Super Sonic Screen
Well done to all.

Mrs Hardie


Jules Birdsall, 22/03/2016